Sunday, 8 November 2015


This week I completed 8 skipping challenges. The first 2 were quite easy for me but the rest were a bit harder than I thought. I have only just learnt how to do cross over skips and I can only do it with a long rope. Next week I want to try the extra hard challenges.

We also did a day of skipping with the other senior classes. There were stations that we went to. We went around in our houses and because I'm the house leader of Kea, I had keep my house under control. At the stations we did: relays, freestyle, partner skipping, long rope and skipping for as long as you can.
At the skipping for as long as you can station we did rounds. The first round was boys, then girls then everyone. For the boys round Oscar and Eli won. For the girls round I tied with Maia. When it was everyone together the winners didn't need to do it because we were going to be in the the champion round. Kyra won the round with every one in it. Overall everyone won because no one stopped.

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  1. Hey Georgia, the skipping afternoon was an excellent showcase to see everyone's tricks. I'm pleased Oscar did so well with his skipping, I saw you two out practising hard out one day so all your effort must've paid off! Excellent job! Mum xxx